206: WhatsApp Bike Smash Ltd

Some like it hot, but I don’t know who those people are and I don’t much care for them. In this episode Steve dodges leprosy but crashes into a woman with his bike, Joe sidesteps civil behaviour and invades a woman’s privacy on a train, and Log sheds his corporeal form to become a legally immortal company that, if he’s anything like everybody else in this episode, also contributes somehow to the sadness of a woman.

204: Banknote Busting Mouth Ulcers

What if the Gaviscon man met the Bonjela man inside of a mouth? What if Log had a list of lies he’s made up about how the new banknotes work? Stop wondering what the answers are, we’ve got them for you right here and it will be way more disappointing that anything your brilliant brain could instantly think up.