129: The Big Gay Experiment

With Log and Steve left to their own devices, what will happen in this – the first 100% gay episode of Regular Features? Will there be gay goings on? Will gay things occur? Will a gay bird fly into the room and make gay cawing sounds on the radiator? ANYTHING GAY COULD HAPPEN AND YOU ARE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT.

Here, have some credits:
Music by Kevin McLeod, all available at incompetech.com
Sound effects from freesound.org

127: Awkward Eyes With The Skrebel MC

After one failed feature, Steve talks about a traumatic injury to his gigantic eyeballs. Gav recalls a traumatic injury to a social situation, caused by his own behaviour, and Joe Skrebels causes traumatic injuries to Regular Features, by showing us all up for the low-effort amateurs we are. BONUS FUN!!! Can you spot Log’s hidden secret feature?

126: The Big Book of Liver and Chianti

Don’t stop til you get enough, sang Michael Jackson. Enough is enough, sang Barbra Streisand. The world is not enough, sang Shirley Manson out of the band Garbage. Enough is as good as a feast, is a thing your mum might say. Un oeuf is French for “a egg”.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s episode 126 of Regular Features and nothing you can say or do will ever change that. Log doles out gifts, Matt sets Gav up on simul-dates and Steve does that thing where you repeat the same joke over and over again until it stops being funny and then becomes funny again. Aw yeah, eat it up, here’s a fork.

About That Hundred Pounds

Dear Readers,

In episode 124, Gav took umbrage with an Indiegogo campaign launched by a lonely man called Tom who wanted £1,300 to go on 13 dates. Tom has taken all the info down from his funding page after receiving a lot of hatred from the internet, mostly directed at the fact that he was obviously a bit of a jeb-end. You can hear all about it in episode 124 as well as in today’s episode 126. The ordeal was also featured in an extensive Buzzfeed article.

After the episode, we tried to get Gav to go on a date with Tom so we pledged £100 of our Patreon money towards the campaign:

I am a screenshot of Tom's Patreon who are you

Who the fuck is Aaron Bostrom

We started the Patreon as a way to make the podcast better and we thought sending Gav on a date with Tom was definitely a way of doing that.

The next day Gav was contacted by a PR company who was working with Tom on the campaign, and was told that Tom would be ending the campaign early and donating the money to charity. We said we were happy for that to happen but as Gav would no longer be getting a date with Tom, we wanted to donate the money ourselves and not leave it to Tom, who would probably give it to a charity that teaches baristas how to play ukuleles or some shit.

So, we’re donating the money to a charity that means a lot to us, The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. They’re a fantastic organisation that has taken care of Matt’s girlfriend over the past 5 months. You can read more about them here, and if you want to donate yourself, check out a charity thing Matt is doing.

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a good use of the cash. Thanks for continuing to support our nonsense.

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