141: Three Guys Chatting

The Regular Features team are getting ready to go on holiday this week! Except for Log, who’s writing this description now, knowing that his friends are going to live on a fucking yacht for a few days, while he sits in his own pub, a prisoner of all the booze he’s chosen to surround himself with. Why not drink the booze, Log? Just drink it all and have a holiday *in your head*! This episode Includes some OK Cupid and barring of customers

140: The Monosode

Another new way to innovate, you say? Yes, OK! This episode was made without any of us talking to each other at ALL. Like we HATE each other now. That’s our new thing. That Steve, eh. What a prize pillock! ANyway: Gav does OK Cupid, Matt tries to get us all together again, and Log makes a big audio mess in your lap. Contains anus

139: Urinals Against Humanity

There’s a bit in this episode where we fold ourselves through a couple of the higher dimensions of irony, sarcasm and self-awareness to form an obscene podcast tesseract in which it could be mistakenly conceived that we are being hugely offensive for no reason. I believe, however, that we’re attempting to make a larger point about the feckless deployment of offensive language as a substitute for thoughtful comedy. We also explore the commuting of an author’s moral responsibility to an unwitting speaker, through the forced, verbatim recital of said author’s offensive speech, you know, just while we’re at it.