132: The 4,400 Bad Horse Reviews

In this episode of Regular Features, Log reacts professionally to a bad review of his pub on TripAdvisor by reading the review out in a silly voice, Steve has some good ideas for new science fiction drama television show, and Matt has a go at being Gav by abusing a stranger over text message.

Sorry if this description isn’t very entertaining but I’ve got guests coming over and I literally have to clear away my sex toys before they get here.

131: Killer Tom From The Ghost Dimension

It’s been a bad day, please don’t take a picture. Please, it’s my last picture. It’s the only remaining picture I have of my dead wife. Please, man who is repossessing my home because I am depressed and out of work, do not take this picture of my dead wife. It is worth nothing to you.

What’s that? Did this unassuming podcast description just unlock a cool and original new way of interpreting the lyrics to the song ‘Bad Day’ by REM? Yeah it did, you better believe it booyyyy.

This episode has Joe, Steve and Gav in it. Joe does a ouija board, Steve investigates alternate timelines and Gav badmouths a fish. Have fun.

129: The Big Gay Experiment

With Log and Steve left to their own devices, what will happen in this – the first 100% gay episode of Regular Features? Will there be gay goings on? Will gay things occur? Will a gay bird fly into the room and make gay cawing sounds on the radiator? ANYTHING GAY COULD HAPPEN AND YOU ARE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT.

Here, have some credits:
Music by Kevin McLeod, all available at incompetech.com
Sound effects from freesound.org