329: Duke of Slime Towels

In this one, Steve tells the true story of Prince Philip’s big nasty car flip, Matt steals a towel and Joe has problems with slime towns. Yes, the audio quality is garbageholes, but we had to make do. We made so much do, that it went everywhere. Sorry.

328: Scorpion’s Secrets and Farts

Hi, I’m J0n0th0n, the Regular Features webmaster. This week, Steve, Joe and Log compared farts, became Mortal Kombat characters and were graced with the return of a shy friend. Don’t forget that I’m always here too, the webmaster, making sure the http has an S on the end and setting up the email Daemon. Don’t you want to know what I did this week? Of course you don’t. Pity poor J0n0th0n.

326: A Very Furry Ramble

Who likes accompanying good boys on strolls? I hope the answer is you because that is exactly what this podcast is. Five one-man features with a golden thread. You really don’t get this kind of conceptual shit going on with any other podcast. Well, you might, but I’m not listening to them all to find out. Have you listened to other podcasts? They’re RUBBISH

Huge shoutout to Jack Forster for his lovely piece of music: 

325: Forgot A Crimble Tingle

Hello girls, it’s us, the Regular Features people, and we’ve got another episode of the podcast what we done for you out of our mouth holes. Log has got a series of reasons why he’s not done a feature, Matt finally snaps and goes mad racist, and Steve channels the ghost of crambles past.

Happy new year all of you. We genuinely love you.

323: Brassica? I Hardly Knew Her!

This week’s podcast may or not be getting beamed into your drug addled brain from the future. It features Steve, Matt and Joe.

What more do you want? Blood? Because we’ve got loads of that, clamp your jaws around us and grab yerself a pint. Nice, huh? Slug it back with a pint of brine. Cor. Is it just me, or is it getting Rime of the Ancient Mariner in here