108: The Ballad of F**k a Doodle Doo

They’re big, they’re long, they’ve all got massive schlongs!
Regulaaaaaar Featurrrrrres!
Steve risks his life to illegally drive a car, Log’s dog is acting up and God only knows what Matt was talking about but it goes on for AGES.

One thought on “108: The Ballad of F**k a Doodle Doo

  1. (I wrote this bit halfway through Matt’s feature)
    God, Matt’s feature was fucking balls. He should have made something up, pretended he found out they were cultists or some shit. Not to toot the Gav-horn, but he could have made that funny.

    (After the feature)
    Oh, fuck me, they kind of were. That could have done with being a bit shorter though.

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