331: Celery Business

Nothing in this world is certain except Dale Winton coming at you with some celery, demanding you feed it to him, and then slapping it out of your hand and turning away coquettishly when you try to. And taxes.

In this episode you get both. Matt shares his Brexmageddon bunker shopping list. Log dreams about business. Steve offers encouraging commentary.

329: Duke of Slime Towels

In this one, Steve tells the true story of Prince Philip’s big nasty car flip, Matt steals a towel and Joe has problems with slime towns. Yes, the audio quality is garbageholes, but we had to make do. We made so much do, that it went everywhere. Sorry.

328: Scorpion’s Secrets and Farts

Hi, I’m J0n0th0n, the Regular Features webmaster. This week, Steve, Joe and Log compared farts, became Mortal Kombat characters and were graced with the return of a shy friend. Don’t forget that I’m always here too, the webmaster, making sure the http has an S on the end and setting up the email Daemon. Don’t you want to know what I did this week? Of course you don’t. Pity poor J0n0th0n.