320: Copyrighted Music For Gas Clouds

WHOA THERE GIRLY GIRL, where do you think you’re going dressed like that? To the 19th Century salon to listen to discourse from the most active minds of our time? Well yes, I did forget that this podcast description is a period piece. Anyway, who will be in attendance, and what will the be discussing?

Matt’s depressed, but it’s OK because he got some drugs that make his bits stop working.

Joe’s accidentally stolen music and makes amends while still peddling a get-rich-quick scheme.

Log tells the beautiful, international tale of a gas cloud en route to his lady-love.

317: One Last Spooky

All hallows we’en may have already passed, but that means it’s technically behind us now, which is the spookiest place something can be. So permit us one last spooky feature, performed by Steve, and one last spooky error, performed by Matt when he deleted half the episode. Sorry about that.

It’s Regular Features baby. Got it?

316: Blind Fieri’s Food Riddle

*CLANK CLANK CLANK* That’s the sound of the ol’ Feature machine cranking into life. *GONK GONK GONK* Look! It’s producing features at a rate of knots! *FART* It’s Steve’s food riddles! *FART* Log’s gone deaf and thinks he’s a superboy! *FART* Joe feels sorry for a chef! *FRRRRRRK* Oh Christ, another zero-hour contractor fell in the workings. *GAAAAAAAAAA* oh my gOD RUN YOU IDIOTS RUN

314: Matt’s Modjo Moon

Look, we’re just going to cop to it. We can’t control Matt, but we also won’t pretend that we haven’t enabled him in the past. We’re sorry for what happened. Just know that you’re safe now, because he’s behind strong Canadian bars.

Anyway, now that’s out of the way, Joe’s got some YouTube comments he can’t believe, and Steve’s been doing some pretty thorough research about the ACTUAL MOON. Gav has his phone on.

313: Barry Manilow’s Safari Brews

On this week’s podcast, Steve brings us a a report from the frontline of a Barry Manilow gig and we’re happy to tell you that the ol’ Mandy lover’s still got it.

We’ve also got Log smuggling in a bit of advertorial as a feature like two Muppets running into a XXX movie.

Gav is also on the podcast.

312: Probe My Hamster Baby

In THIS one… Matt probes his way around the galaxy. Log shares his tips on how to utterly thrill a baby. And Steve draws back the curtain on the secret life of the Supervet. It’s an episode Regular Features, your honour, and our legal counsel has advised us to say no more on the matter.

311: Eat My Personal Squash

Wrap your earholes around this one, if you like. If you don’t, just leave it on the table and I’m sure somebody else will want it. In this episode Joe lets you live out the squash career you never had. Steve reviews a restaurant that never was. And Log offers you the love you never deserved.