102: Room-Booming Tea Rule Nightmare

Matt arrives back from America with tales about how he played around with bombs and Obama, Gav wants to clarify social etiquette regarding cafes and cups of tea, and Steve is trapped in an unending nightmare that even the King’s greatest wizards seem unable to prevent. Will our adventurers find the crystal and save Steve from the nightmare realm? Find out in Issue #2.

101: Back to the Future of Doctor Who

All rules are off in this bleak and lawless post-centenary comedown, as Log’s audacious series of Doctor Who scripts skirts the closest we’ve yet come to repeating a feature. Meanwhile Gav plomps through a timehole to the 1950s, returning with a lovely story about how people are shit.

Also! Tombola time! We spin the prize tombola and give away an incredible sack of goodies to one of our beautiful patrons! Who could it be? Could it have been you? It almost certainly could have been!

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100: The Unintended Live Show

It was never meant to be like this: we were going to have a meet-up with some Patrons (and associated freeloaders), then retire to a room after hours to have a private podcast. Instead, we got so excited that we ended up doing a spontaneous live show. So here is Episode 100, in all its hastily rewired and hard-to-fathom majesty – LIVE from the Darts Room of The King Billy pub on Manvers Street, Nottingham!

Matt pores over our early Google Hangouts from 2011, Steve relives a feature that was lost, back in the day when we regularly deleted podcasts, Gav finds out how much we’ve learned about each other on our long and gruelling journey to 100, and Log reads through the titles of all 100 Police Academy movies.

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99.9: Hold On We’re Not Ready Yet Oh God

As we speed faster and faster towards our glorious Regular Features centenary, we unceremoniously stall the podcast engine, forcing us to pull over on to the information superhighway’s hard shoulder for this very special emergency prolongation episode. Steve, Gav and infrequent interloper Joe Skrebels dish up an echoey slice of audio to tide you over until next week. It’s niney nine poin nine, ladies, so slop it up.

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