99: Learning to Seduce Steve at a Wedding

Would you like a flake with this shit joke, sir? No? Oh dear. Well, prepare to hear the team make that exact same shit joke again, while Steve takes us through Driving Theory, Log recounts the specific reasons why Steve refuses to sleep with him, and Matt desperately tries to stop people from inviting Gav to weddings.

98: Vegetarian Bear Pub

In this truth-led special, Gav quizzes Log on his knowledge of the law as it pertains to pubs, Steve tells the true story of Quorn, and his conversion to a meat-eating subsection of vegetarianism, and Log imagines a book about a woman having sex with a bear, because it’s way easier than actual research

96: The Live Summer Goodbye Show

Live and unedited, because who can be arsed with *that*. Matt collides European music with hurled confections, Steve conducts a live action game of Fantasy Football, Gav commits a treachery so profoundly recursive that it makes good men evil, and Log says goodbye. For about twenty minutes. One word, twenty minutes. Also we got hijacked by a loyal and generous reader